Lloyd A. Storrs Jr., MD  Resident Research Award

Lloyd Storrs has been described by his colleagues as "genius", "witty and wise teacher", and "He did not do extraordinary things, he did ordinary things in an extraordinary way".  He was a lifelong Texan and earned his MD degree from Baylor College of Medicine in 1947. He did his postgraduate training at Washington University in St. Louis and in the Air Force. He was stationed in Germany and had the good fortune of working with Dr. Samuel J. Crowe, professor and director of Otolaryngology at Johns Hopkins. He spent two years with Dr. Crowe in Germany?a superb preceptorship (or residency). Upon discharge, Dr. Storrs worked with Dr. Herb Harris of Baylor University as a fellow for two years. After that, he established a practice in Lubbock, Texas. He was appointed clinical professor of Otolaryngology at Texas Tech University School of Medicine in 1984.

He made several important contributions to Otology through his own genius, meticulous observations of many hundreds of his patients and exhaustive reading and study. He was the first to use temporal fascia for tympanoplasty and for covering the oval window after stapedectomy. He was the first to use phenol as a topical anesthetic for myringotomy, reporting 5000 consecutive cases and no persistent perforations. . He was also a pioneer in the development of the posterior approach to the middle ear through the chorda-facial angle. He was a member of most Otolaryngology organizations and served as president of several of them. Dr. Storrs is the author of several seminal papers, eight surgical movies, and a documentary on the management of sensorineural deafness.

The Lloyd Storrs Lectureship provides a forum for residents to present their research and/or papers at the annual meeting of the Texas Association of Otolaryngology.  The presenter can be the first or second author. The paper is acceptable even if it has already been presented or published. Three prizes are awarded: 1st prize is an expense paid trip to the annual meeting and $1000 cash; the 2nd and 3rd prizes are $500 each.  The winner of the 1st prize is required to present his/her work at the annual meeting.  The paper may be submitted in writing or as an attachment to the TAO Office.  Papers must be submitted in triplicate.  Every effort will be made to prevent the reviewers from recognizing the origin of the paper.  Reviewers are active members of the Texas Association of Otolaryngology.

2019 Lloyd Storrs' Winners

1st Place
Brett Jensen, MD


Texas ENT Resident Knowledge Bowl at TAO Annual Conference 2019.

TAO hosted its 2nd Annual Resident Knowledge Bowl during the TAO Annual Conference in May.

The winner for a 2nd year in a row was UT Southwestern Medical Center.  Congratulations!!

Start Preparing for 2020

Each residency program may enter a team of up to three residents.  The competition will be held over the course of one hour with a prize, trophy and bragging rights being awarded to the winning team.

TAO Board Members will be organizing the competition and all residency programs in the state will be encouraged to participate.  

While we are sure this will be both an entertaining and educational experience, we hope you will join us for the annual TAO Meeting and to partake in the “battle of the brains”!

If you are interested in having a team at the 3rd Annual TAO Resident Knowledge Bowl, Applications will be available in Winter 2020.

Resident Stipend Information

The Texas Association of Otolaryngology invites otolaryngology residents to its upcoming CME Meeting. As a society benefit, TAO offers financial assistance for housing for Resident members of the Society. Applications will be collected until TBD. The meeting stipend is $250 to help alleviate hotel and travel costs to attend the meeting.

You are responsible for making your own hotel and travel arrangements. Keep your hotel receipt and any other travel receipts and TAO will reimburse you following the meeting.

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