4/19/2021 @ Truluck's
Kevin McLaughlin, MD from LSU, New Orleans Department of Otolaryngology spoke on A Different Approach to Treatment of Nasal Polyps. Sponsored by Xhance

5/14/2019 @ Tiny Boxwoods
Troy Woodard, MD, from Cleveland Clinic spoke on advances in endoscopic sinus surgery. Sponsored by Acclarent.

2/28/2019 @ Fixe
Brandon Isaacson, MD, from UT Southwestern spoke on endoscopic ear surgery. Sponsored by Olympus.

4/4/2018 @ Truluck's
Tom Blevins, MD, Founder of Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology, spoke on advances in management of indeterminate thyroid nodules. Sponsored by Veracyte.

2/13/2018 @ Juliet Italian Kitchen
Amber Luong, MD, PhD, spoke on "Practical Tips on Post-op FESS Management."

10/27/2017 @ Perry's Steakhouse
Dr. Dennis Poe, Associate Professor of Otology and Laryngology at Harvard Medical School, spoke on Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. Sponsored by Acclarent.

9/14/2017 @ Chez Zee
Dr. Lesley Childs, Assistant Professor of Laryngology at UT Southwestern Medical School, spoke on Spasmodic Dysphonia and professional voice. Sponsored by Arthrex.

7/20/2017 @ Eddie V's
Jose Barrera, MD, spoke on Facial Plastics and Sleep Surgery. Sponsored by Spirox.

5/11/2017 @ Italic
Dr. David Kaylie, neuro-otologist from Duke University, spoke on his "Approach to the Difficult Dizzy Patient."

11/10/2016 @ Uchiko
Dr. Ellen Friedman, Dept. of Otolaryngology at Baylor College of Medicine, gave an update on Pediatric Otolaryngology. Sponsored by Otiprio.

7/21/2016 @ Olive and June
Dr. Bradley Marple, Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Otolaryngology and Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education at UT Southwestern, presented "Allergic Fungal Sinusitis: What have we learned from this journey?" Sponsored by Intersect ENT.

3/31/2016 @ Truluck's North Austin
Dr. Gary Clayman, Chief of Head and Neck Endocrine Surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center, presented "Contemporary Surgical Management of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer." Sponsored by Meda Pharmaceuticals.

10/28/2015 @ Max's Wine Dive
Philip Chen, MD, Assistant Professor of Rhinology & Skull Base Surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology at UTHealth Science Center at San Antonio, presented "Endoscopic Management of the Frontal Sinus." Sponsored by Acclarent.

6/23/2015 @ North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery
Dr. Patrick Slater, Neuro-otologist, presented "Surgical Management of Pulsatile Tinnitus." Sponsored by Austin Radiological Association.

2/32/2015 @ Sullivan's Steakhouse
Dr. Joseph Han, Eastern Virginia Medical School, presented "Factors to Consider in the Diagnosis and Management of Allergic Rhinitis." Sponsored by Merck.

10/21/2014 @ Jasper's Restaurant
Mary Es Beaver, MD, Director of the Texas Center for Voice & Swallowing, and F. Paul (Tripp) Buckley, MD, Director of Division of General Surgery at Scott & White Healthcare in Round Rock and Surgical Director of HARC, hosted a roundtable discussion on the newest evidence-based approaches to managing laryngopharyngeal reflux in patients.

10/16/2014 @ Fleming's Steakhouse & Wine Bar
Douglas Waddell, Director, MHC and Government Markets, Meda Pharmaceuticals, discussed the Affordable Care Act. Valet sponsored by Meda Pharmaceuticals.

9/18/2013 @ Iron Cactus Cafe
Esther J. Cheung-Phillips, MD, of Capital Otolaryngology, presented "The History of Otolaryngology: Where We Were and Where We Are Today.

November 2012
Dr. Matthew Ryan spoke on Allergic Rhinitis.

ASO held its inaugural meeting to introduce the society and elect officers.